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Corporate vision - Build a modern green chemical manufacturing enterprise with social recognition, government trust, employee pride and customer satisfaction.
Development concept - Adhere to the scientific concept of development, develop circular economy, and commit to the road of sustainable development.
Good culture - Do good deeds every day, and live a happy life.
Family culture - Strict management, humanistic care, simultaneous development of France and Germany, unity and harmony.
Management philosophy - The management system and method suitable for the enterprise is the foundation of the safety production of the enterprise and the source of the economic benefits of the enterprise.
Safety concept - Safety first, prevention first.
Core values - People oriented, moral and talent oriented, dedicated and practical work, unity and innovation, integrity and win-win situation.
Quality policy - Quality is the best salesman.
Staff concept - The enterprise is my family and depends on everyone for development.
Training concept - Build a chemical industry team with professional quality and skills.
Growth concept - A little progress every day, a new me every day.
Team concept - We should focus on unity, develop team spirit, attach importance to science and technology, promote development with science and technology, strengthen management, and seek benefits from management.
Business philosophy - The production and operation of an enterprise are not independent and isolated. What it needs is the coordination and cooperation between the internal (ordinary employees, management mechanism, corporate culture, welfare treatment, etc.) of the enterprise and the external (partners, merchants from all walks of life, the public, laws and policies, etc.). Only when these factors are relatively unified and coordinated can we achieve the symbiosis, progress and win-win of the enterprise itself, the cooperative merchants and the whole society, so as to maximize the benefits, further assist the expansion and extension of the enterprise, and form an organic virtuous circle.
Talent concept - Nowadays, the competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. We adhere to the principle of "people-oriented", advocate talents, attach importance to both morality and talent, strive to create a good atmosphere for creating, absorbing, respecting and cherishing talents, fully tap the potential of employees, establish a platform for equal competition, provide a stage for each employee to show their talents, and strive for the common progress of employees, enterprises and society.

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Address:Yuanshi County Circular Chemical Industry Park, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China Phone:+86(0)311 84640726
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